Enoki Mushrooms

How to Cook tasty Enoki Mushrooms


So today what we’re going to do is making Enoki mushrooms and Okidake in 3different scrumptious manners. What’s more, you all can tell me which one is yourfavorite by telling me in the remarks beneath. OK we have the entirety of our ingredientshere for this specific “ankake dish”. Enoki ankake and we’re not going to beusing those enoki mushrooms however on the off chance that you needed to you could it’s justgonna be extremely thick. So here we are setting up our enoki mushrooms in the event that you’venever utilized them before the principal thing that you got the chance to do is removed that roughpart that is near the developing medium.


Don’t really need to eat thatit is quite sinewy and I attempt to cut slice as near that as could be expected under the circumstances, one sothat the mushrooms don’t self-destruct and two with the goal that I don’t squander anything. Thatwould be “mottainai”. Same thing again with the earthy colored enoki mushrooms.”Mottainai shinaide”, don’t squander it. The following thing that we’re going to bedoing here is setting up our rainbow chard. We will be distending them.We’re going to be just utilizing a large portion of the stem and afterward a tad of the leaveswhich will be cooking significantly snappier than the stems. Which is whywe’re isolating them, one reason why. And afterward the second thing that we’regoing to do is cutting them into little bits the long way. So thatthey’re comparative fit as a fiddle to the enoki mushrooms and this is primarilyfor introduction purposes in the event that you don’t really think about how your foodlooks and you simply need to eat it. At that point you don’t really should be cuttingit along these lines and you could simply cut it anyway what direction you need.


And all ofthose chard leaves well as scrumptious as they are we’re just going to utilize ahandful, so you can spare the rest for another saute sautéed food or possibly evensteamed. So for our fixings we have around 2 teaspoons of shoyu soy sauce wehave around 2 tablespoons of Katakuriko (potato starch), disintegrated in about aquarter cup of water. We have around 1 tablespoon of mirin and 2 tablespoonsof osake and obviously wasabi. So I think I simply turn on the oven, thatlooks what I did well there. Also, presently what we will do ispreparing the burned simply like I referenced cutting it the long way. Sothat it’s in this comparable shape to the enoki mushrooms. What’s more, in the event that you get little bits of leafjust feel free to add them to the leaf heap and we can pull in some of thosetowards the finish of the cooking. Hack, cleave, slash, hack, hack, hack, hack. I surmise you could utilize some scissors here on the off chance that you needed to. More expressions and craftstyversus cooking. So question of the day, do you like enoki mushrooms as much as me?


They do have a really novel flavor and relying upon how you cook them you maynotice it or you may not see it in case you’re utilizing to some degree a strongerflavor base. For this we’re utilizing wasabi, so that will be the principle flavoras well as some vegetable stock and a tad of shoyu. So you will beable to taste the mushrooms and appreciate them. There is three cups of boilingvegetable stock, I simply utilize superior to bouillon. What’s more, we put in the swiss chardstems with the goal that they cook first and relax. And afterward we’re going to put inthe enoki mushrooms, breaking them separated. With the goal that they cook equitably thus that theymix uniformly also. So you’re simply going to cook this together for a couple of minutes.We’re going to include the earthy colored enoki mushrooms too.


Furthermore, if for whateverreason you can’t locate the earthy colored enoki mushrooms don’t stress simply utilize whiteinstead or some other sort of mushroom. So now what you’re going to do isbring this to a bubble and once it begins to bubble you’re simply going to go aheadand stew it for around five to ten minutes and no more. And afterward we’re gonnadrop in the Katakuriko slurry. Make a point to reconstitute by any stretch of the imagination. Makesure all that powder is suspended in the arrangement with the goal that you don’t get any largeclumps of starch which you would not have any desire to eat. It tastes much better when it’sevenly blended and it makes a decent thick nearly sauce like sauce. So you can eatthis as a side or you can really serve it over some rice for an ankake donburiwhich is an earthy colored rice bowl or you can even utilize white rice also.


Furthermore, it’svery tasty and filling on account of the mushrooms which have bounty ofprotein and fiber and flavor and umami however not as much as dried mushrooms. Thereason why dried mushrooms on the off chance that you were wonderinghave more umami than new mushrooms is that once the tissue of the mushroomdries it breaks the phone dividers that are loaded with the umami. What’s more, it discharges thoseonce you make dashi from the dried mushrooms. Also, look I just included thecharred leaves. I just utilize likely about a cups worth yet you can put as much asyou need and we’re nearly done. So the following stage is going to be to include theosake and afterward the mirin and afterward the shoyu. So’s all the liquor getscooked off and the umami is abandoned and afterward there’s the shoyu. So for the wasabi we’re going to use around two tablespoons since I appreciate wasabi.


If we had new wasabi it would be surprisingly better yet that is a tad harderto find for a great many people. So use what you can get. You can even utilize wasabi powderas well. Simply giving it a decent mix to ensure every one of those wasabi little bitswere equitably disseminated. Also, we’re simply going to cook it until the liquor smell isgone and afterward we’re going to thicken it up with the “katakuriko” potato starch. Allright, so there it goes make a point to mix it and afterward once you include it ensure tostir it once more. And afterward in the event that your blend isn’t sufficiently hot on the off chance that you havenot saw thickening quickly, what you have to do is turn up the warmth ifyou turn it off by mishaps. So the starch gets actuated and you’ll noticeright away that it turns out to be a lot thicker. Better believe it take a gander at that, “yamubosu”! Looksdelicious! Gracious no doubt take a gander at how thick that that is. It resembles sauce without the fat.All right so now we are just about done, all you got the chance to do is serve itwith your preferred bowl and additionally some rice.


What’s more, you have a decent supper or evena side dish which is loaded with umami and “mush-umy” cut wasabi flavor. Let meknow what you all think. Okay folks well on the off chance that you like that dish,chances are you may like this one too. This current one’s going to be a little bitsweet and somewhat acrid it’s going to be an “amazuzuke”. Which is a sweetvinegar pickle. In this video these are the fixings that we’re going to beusing. Shock enoki!!! Okay, so here first we’re going to be beginning withabout 1/2 teaspoon of salt, around 2 tablespoons of sugar and around 1/2 cupof rice vinegar-100 mils. Around 1/2 cup of julienne carrots, there’s a littleclose up for you. Around a 1/2 bundle of white enoki mushrooms and afterward a halfbunch of the earthy colored enoki mushrooms. Furthermore, I don’t have the foggiest idea what I was doing there yet Iwanted to simply give you how jiggly they were I presume. What’s more, there’s some brownmushrooms, the earthy colored enoki mushrooms.


They taste somewhat extraordinary and they’re alittle bit earthy colored that is contrasted with the white enoki mushrooms. Not certain what elseto state there but rather on the off chance that you can’t discover them simply utilize whatever you can discover. So I havetwo pots here. The main pot is going to be for the “amazuzuke”. We’re going to beboiling the vinegar with the sugar and the salt to focus it and afterward alsodissolve the sugar and the salt in the vinegar. And afterward in different pots, whatwe’re going to do is whitening everything. So simply heat the vinegarmixture to the point of boiling and afterward once all the salt gems and the sugar crystalshave broke down then it’s prepared to utilize. So first we’re going to drop in those carrotsinto the whitening water. So there’s a tad of salt in there also aswater. And afterward what we’re going to do is including the enoki mushrooms andthen cooking those together for around 4 to 5 minutes relying upon how firm youwant your carrots and mushrooms to be.


So again attempt to split them up as equally aspossible so they get prepared uniformly. What’s more, they additionally break separated whenyou proceed to attempt to eat them with your “hashi”, your chopsticks. So only makingsure to split those up as much as possible.And then now what we will do is allowed it to cook. Carry it to boiland then stew and afterward we’re going to strain everything. What’s more, when you squeezeout the abundance fluid, what we’re going to do is simply consolidate it with the sweetvinegar and let it pick all for the time being in a perfect world. What’s more, the following day it’ll be readyto eat, it’s going to be very heavenly. Furthermore, in case you’re extremely meticulous about getting allof the water or dampness out of your vegetables, later on I simply utilized thespatula to squeeze it out marginally. You can really press it with your hands onceit’s totally cooled that way you’ll get all the abundance dampness out. Theflavor is going to be somewhat more grounded. So it’s absolutely up to youbut on the off chance that you favor such a more grounded flavor, at that point by all methods proceed andsqueeze it like you would not joke about this. So I’m simply showing you very close the solids havemostly broke down, so I’m going to proceed and simply cook it somewhat longer andthen it’ll be finished. And afterward ensure that your vegetables are equally cooking. Take a gander at those enoki mushrooms.

We shouldstill give it a smidgen of a mix and afterward you’re going to feel free to strain it.All right so now we will be pushing out the abundance water very gently.Got to be cautious with the enoki in light of the fact that the little mushroom tops tumble off veryeasily. They’re extremely sensitive, so make an effort not to be excessively unpleasant with them.

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