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Easy and Tasty konnyaku recipes

Wanna know what got me into”konnyaku”? Well thank you for asking, I think I’ll let you know and what I thinkit is “miso”. Truth be told I recollect, one of the main occasions that I at any point ate “miso dengaku” was in Kyoto with my family. We were voyaging and we wound up eating ata eatery, one of those cafés up in the slopes.


What’s more, it was very peacefuland it was a “tatami” room which is essentially a level you sit on the floor.And we had some tasty tofu dishes, tofu dyori and just as miso dengakuwith some “fu”- namafu which is similar to a sweet, exquisite, chewytype of food that is covered with this delectable sauce known as “miso dengaku”.And I’m almost certain that that was the defining moment when I understood that”konnyaku” is one of my preferred nourishments particularly when you eat it withsomething like miso dengaku. With the goal that’s a little story for you. So today, what we will do ismaking konnyaku in 3 flavorful manners. Furthermore, in the event that you missed my last videoabout “shirataki noodles” you might need to look at that in light of the fact that chancesare on the off chance that you like konnyaku you may like “shirataki noodles”.


What’s more, if youlike shirataki noodles chances are you may like konnyaku. Would you be able to figure why?Well they’re made with a similar fixing yet they’re utilized for slightlydifferent nourishments. So you ought to have when you wrap up this video3 new heavenly approaches to appreciate KONNYAKU in addition to 3 scrumptious approaches to enjoySHIRATAKI NOODLES, on the off chance that you didn’t yet watch that last video. Furthermore, you mightremember what I let you know in my last video was that I had the option to chomp intothat arrangement without simply the smallest jump or sentiment of discomfort.And it has to do with these easily overlooked details which


I will be letting you know allabout towards the finish of this video. In this way, stay tuned. So I’m interested, question todayhave you at any point utilized “konnyaku” in you’re cooking yet and on the off chance that you have, what did youuse it for? Furthermore, in the event that you hasn’t let me know in the remarks on the off chance that you figure you will betrying any of these dishes that we’re going to be experiencing today. Ikuzo!Let’s go! So in spite of the fact that we’re not going to make miso dengaku which is actuallyone of my preferred approaches to appreciate konnyaku. We will be utilizing konnyaku in 3 different scrumptious ways. What’s more, odds are you may like in any event oneof them, if not them two, if not every one of them three. So how about


we proceed and getstarted. Gracious better believe it and I surmise in the event that you can’t waitfor that miso dengaku, feel free to check the linkin the depiction underneath for my tofu cookbook. Tofu Ryouri which has 30 deliciousJapanese tofu plans just as a formula for “miso dengaku” with which youcan use konnyaku on the off chance that you can’t pause. For the first konnyaku dish, we’re goingto be making “kaminari konnyaku”. Kaminari in Japanesemeans thunder. What’s more, the explanation that it’s called that is a direct result of the sound thatit makes on the oven it’s going…. That is my Thunder audio effect and thatis going to be basically the commotion that the konnyaku makes on the oven. On asmaller scale chances are in the event that it was an enormous bit of konnyaku perhaps thethunder would really solid sort of scary.


So fundamentally this dish gets his name from the clamor that it makes on thestove. Also, it might do not have a tad of bass bassbass bass. I guess it’s nearby and I really likethis dish a smidgen on the spicier side. So we are going to utilize some “shichimi”which is a seven flavor or seven fixings pepper to zest things up.You can likewise utilize red pepper pieces or perhaps “ichimi” which is simply onepepper and it’s extremely delectable and exceptionally appetizing. Do you like your food fiery? Letme know in the remarks at this moment,


I’d be interested. Gracious no doubt and in case you’re scaredthat on the off chance that you slice your konnyaku will detonate or pop everywhere. It maymake a tad of a wreck thus I would suggest that you utilize a deeperfrying dish on the off chance that you have one. You can even utilize your Dutch stove also on the off chance that you don’thave a profound skillet or then again splatter watches. Several thoughts for youto limit a splatter and obviously you could generally wear some goggles toprotect your eyes or just and away from the oven while you’re cooking. Totallyup to you. Konnichiwa! Pat Takuyama here,creator the Japanese cooking club where I assist individuals with figuring out how to makeplant-based Japanese food. Buy in the event that you’d prefer to see more plant-basedJapanese cooking recordings like these.


Also, I have the entirety of my fixings here to gofor the main dish. So this first dish is really going to be a “konnyaku itame” otherwise called a pan fried food. Furthermore, essentially what we’re going to utilize isabout 1 square of konnyaku which has been parboiled to evacuate abundance scent andmoisture. Additionally about an equal amount of an “eringi” which is a kingmushroom. You may discover these in the mushroom segment, I don’t have a clue where elsethey would be. Furthermore, I have cut it quartered them into little pieces aboutthe same size as the konnyaku which I have cut into little strips. So this iswhat these look like pleasant and jiggly. And afterward here we’re going to utilize aboutmaybe about a quarter cup of green onions and around 2 tablespoons of”shoyu” – soy sauce, around 3 tablespoons of osake and around 2 tablespoonsof mirin.


Also, to keep things a smidgen on thisspicy side, we will use about a quarter teaspoon of “shichimi”. I have a cerebrum fart there. What’s more, for our oil we’re going to utilize some sesame oils. So Ihave my pot directly here all set. It’s not so much a pot it’s a container. It’s myelectric skillet. What’s more, the primary thing we’re going to do is toss on some ofthe oil and cook the mushrooms in light of the fact that the mushrooms should be cooked. I’m justgonna put about a tablespoon. Alright, so there’s that. So when the mushroomsstart to sizzle, I’m going to utilize two distinctive colorschopsticks it’s the way I roll. Simply joking. I don’t have a clue where my othermatching pair went. So we’re going to brown the mushrooms for a couple of moments. Also, oncethey are cooked and warmed through then we’ll toss in the konnyaku. Furthermore, thenall of the sauces, the sauce fixings the mirin, the osake,and the shoyu.


And afterward we’ll polish it off with a tad of the “shichimi”pepper and that is going to be basically it for our first konnyaku dish or “okazu”. I guess that you could eat this as a primary dish in the event that you needed to eatit with some rice. It’s thoroughly up to you. OK, so the mushrooms have begun tobrown a tad. You can see here that is some decent caramelization going on.I’m going to feel free to drop in the konnyaku just as the sauceingredients. The main we’re going to place it in, the shoyu, the mirin and the osake. Ensure’s everything evenlydistributed and feel free to place in the shichimi pepper also. You can utilize a littlebit more in the event that you need things hot or you can reduce a tad. Furthermore, ifyou can’t discover shichimi pepper you could likewise simply utilize red pepper drops. So assoon as the fluid has decreased that will be the finish of our cooking forour first dish. So there you go, that is the principal dish. Sothe second dish that we will make today has been kind of influencedby India.


One of my preferred nations to visit. We went there, Emie and I visitedback in 2012 and it said that you’ve never truly gone until you havegone to India. Odds are in the event that you’ve gone to India you could relate and I canactually absolutely concur with that since I have been there. It’s very anexperience a tactile involvement with terms of the sights, the scents, the sounds, thefood was clearly incredibly a delectable. Also, that is one of the primary reasons why Ienjoyed it to such an extent. There’s nothing very like it. Also, I think about how this isconnected to the dish that we’re going to make right currently is that it’s gonnabe utilizing a curry powder. Japanese curry powder and yes India despite everything gets back to me. That is India getting back to me back.


Furthermore, I believe I’m going to take up that offer becauseI truly need to return. The food was that heavenly. Also, in spite of the fact that this isn’treally an Indian style dish in the feeling of utilizing I surmise genuine Indian flavors. Itis kind of impacted and is it similar to I surmise a Japanese style Indiandish. Furthermore, it’s extremely heavenly you may be astounded how acceptable it tastes becauseit’s very easy to make. So on the off chance that you need to be Japanese curry flavor, at that point you’regonna need to utilize a Japanese curry powder which we are going to utilize forthis specific dish. It’s quite simple to discover, you for the most part can get it on Amazon ifyou don’t have a nearby Japanese market. What’s more, the SNB brand is most likely one of themost mainstream and it’s mellow.


Worry don’t as well in case you’re not used to or you don’tprefer zesty hot fiery flavors since Japanese curries will in general be gentle. Soespecially the SNB curry powder brand. That is one thing that you can’t forgetto do. Get it ,got it. Great. Remember. “Wasurenaide”. This basic dish concocts similarly as snappy asthe other kaminari konnyaku dish. However it’s somewhat more perplexing in flavorbecause of the curry powder and overly sweet-smelling. So in the event that you like the smell ofcurry in your home and your kitchen this will carry out the responsibility. What’s more, particularly soif you like incredible zesty flavors like “kare rice” which is japanese-stylecurry rice, “katsu-kare” which is tonkatsu kare and possibly “kare-udon” which iscurry udon you won’t be disillusioned. As you don’t hate konnyaku obviously. Be that as it may, on the other hand I’d be asking why you are watching this video in any case on the off chance that you didn’t care for it.

OK so herewe are with our second konnyaku dish. So for this konnyaku dish we are goingto be utilizing “kare” powder, and it’s going to give it a decent curryflavor in case you’re into Japanese curry you’re going to likely love this dish.And for flavors we’re simply going to utilize a tad shoyu-soy sauce , two tablespoons and about a tablespoon of sugar. You can utilize a littlebit more on the off chance that you need on the better side. On the off chance that you need it on the better side.

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